Breaking News: American Apparel Likes Thick Eyebrows

As a major fan of American Apparel there are two things that totally made us go hmmmmmm.  According to, the CEO Dov Charney is a  Pervert (he had a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him)  and wait for it an eye brow facist!

American Apparel Peverted Eyebrow Facist CEO Dov Charney

A disgruntled employee leaked Charney’s company newsletter telling women employees to wear their brows like Brooke Shields and not like the poor unexpecting AA employee’s whose face he chose to crop out.

The Proof aka American Apparel Company Newsletter

All TSA wants to know is will Charney be dropping some additional coin to the $8/hr these AA employees make to get their eyebrows up to par?  Yeah probably not but it was worth asking.

Stylistically Yours,

The Stylistic Approach and yes we follow back!

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