Chanel You Can Afford and then the Chanel… Not So Much

This post is dedicated to the admirers and the one day I will have enough coin to afford Chanel peeps.  The double C’s are more than Karl Lagerfeld and quilted handbags… they are also for the temporary tattoos ($75 and available Feb. 15 via, surfboards, boomerangs, scooters, fishing rod cases and more oh my!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Chanel Spring 2010 Runway

Take a look and admire and for those who can stack to flaunt glory to you!

Above, from left: Chanel Bike, $17000, available at, image via Chanel.

Above, from left: Chanel Surfboards, image via PSFK; Chanel Guitar Case, $4000, available at select Chanel boutiques, image via The Bag Lady.

Above, from left: Chanel fishing rod, $14,664, available at Sport Chanel, image via Fashion Sport Channel.

Above, from left: Chanel Boomerang, image via Nitrolicious; Chanel Scooter, image via Walyou.

Do you think CoCo would be proud?

Stylistically yours,

The Stylistic Approach Team

  1. OHEMGEE!!! This is exactly why Chanel is one of my fave brands: always innovative, with the times, etc. etc. Thanks for sharing….I may need to make one of these the pic of the day!


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