The KKK finds a way into Fashion Week

So it is official, in the 10am to 11am time slot for NY Fashion Week the Kardashians have managed to squeeze in between Derek Lam and TSE.   The KKK (Khloe, Kim and Kourtney) have teamed up with Bebe and let’s just say this should be interesting.  You can’t knock the trio they do have great fashion sense so it would be interesting to see how they collaborated with Bebe.

Kim Kardashian Rockin Bebe Sequin Strong Shoulder Jacket

Kim Kardashioan in Bebe Sequin Jacket Photos courtesy of Splash News & Celebutopia

But every year there is always some publicity stunt that manages to squeeze their way into theses shows, ahem can you say She by Sheree although the Sunggie one was great but the other ones hmmm not so much.  The Stylistic Appraoch will be sure to keep you updated on how it all turns out.

Stylistically Yours,
The Stylistic Approach Team

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